How to Use Electric Lawn Mower 2024 – an Ultimate Guide from Setup to Showstopper Lawns of happiness

How to Use Electric Lawn Mower

‘A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken.’ 

Where the perfect summer brings in a lot of energy and vibrancy, it also adds to the worries of homeowners because summers are the perfect time to outgrow our worries not only for us but also for the grass in our backyard. Especially if you are a single mother or a thrifty housewife, the tutorial, ‘How to use Electric Lawn Mower’ will enable you to take on this unavoidable job with confidence and of course cost-effectively.

 Grass cutting is a recurrent job and learning to manicure it yourself, would enable you to have decent savings. In the following section, we will discuss in detail the procedure for ‘How to use Electric Lawn Mower’ encompassing associated safety and technical concerns.

We will take you through the whole learning path and we are targeting to make you proficient in using the electric lawn mower. Still, doing a cost-benefit analysis of doing the grass mowing yourself or getting it done by service providers? It’s time to free up our minds of dilemmas and it’s time to take charge. Follow our guide, ‘How to Use Electric lawn mower’, focus on the procedures, take care of the safety measures, and mow your grass to turn it into a place of solace and tranquility.

Are you ready to learn to use electric Lawnmowers? Wait!! Think!!! And let’s dive in.

Key Components of electric Lawn Mower

 Before starting with any tool, it is imperative to learn about the basic functionality of the equipment. In our case, the electric Lawnmower, what are its key components, and how it works? In fact, the author’s experience, in working with lawnmowers, underscores the fact that before taking on tutorial, ‘how to use electric lawn mower’, one must spend significant time understanding the system of electric lawn mower. Knowing the answers to such queries would add confidence to our usage of electric Lawnmower.

The Electric Motor:

  • The central part is its Electric Motor, which works as the driving unit for the lawnmower i.e. that makes it work.
  • Electric Motor provides the rotational motion that enables the blades to move and to cut the grass in turn.
  • The capacity of an electric motor is mentioned in Horsepower (HP) which is an important factor in determining the price of a Lawnmower. i.e. higher the HP higher the price.

Cutting Blade and Deck:

  • The cutting blade, positioned beneath the mower deck, slices through the grass as you move forward.
  • The deck, or housing, surrounds and protects the blade while ensuring even cutting height.

Power Source:

  • Electric lawnmowers can be corded or cordless.
  • Corded models need to be plugged into a power outlet, providing a continuous power supply.
  • Cordless models rely on rechargeable batteries, offering greater mobility and flexibility.

Types of Electric Lawn Mower

 Electric lawnmowers have different types based on various factors like the mode of power supply, based on functionality, etc. It is important to know the exact type in the context of the personal needs. While the ‘how to use electric lawn mower’ part remains essentially the same for different types, the peculiarities, associated with each lawn mower type, do come into effect. In the following, we will briefly discuss the two main types of Lawnmowers.

Corded Electric Lawn Mowers:

  • These mowers are powered by electricity from an outlet via a cord.
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized lawns, as the cord limits mobility.
  • Make sure to secure the cord properly and avoid running over it while mowing.

Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers:

  • Cordless mowers operate on rechargeable batteries, offering freedom of movement.
  • Perfect for larger lawns, as there are no cords to restrict your reach.
  • Ensure the full charge of the battery before mowing. Also, it’s better if you can arrange a spare battery.

‘How to Use Electric Lawn Mower’ – Step-by-Step Procedure

Step 1: Getting Prepared for ‘How to Use Electric Lawn Mower’:

  • Clear the lawn of any debris, toys, or objects that could hinder the mowing process. It is very important as more than 50% of the time, lawn mower failure is caused when a foreign thing stuck into its blade.
  • Put on protective gear like safety glasses, sturdy shoes, and comfortable clothing. It is never to miss the step, as safety must always come first.
  • Before moving along, go through the following video as it will help in better understanding of functioning of Lawn Mower.

Step 2: Getting to know Electric Lawn Mower:

  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions to understand your specific electric lawn mower’s features. It is very important yet often ignored step as without knowing the machine you can’t get hold of it, the way you want.
  • Inspect the cutting blade ensuring that it’s sharp and firmly attached.
  • Check the grass bag or mulching attachment to ensure that they are properly in their place

Step 3: Powering Up the Mower:

  • For corded mowers, plug it into a nearby power outlet, making sure the cord is safely positioned.
  • For cordless mowers, ensure the battery is fully charged and securely attached to the mower.

Step 4: Adjusting the Cutting Height:

  • Most electric lawnmowers offer adjustable cutting heights.
  • Choose the desired cutting height based on your preference and lawn conditions.
  • Adjust the cutting height lever or knob accordingly.

Step 5: Mowing Your Lawn:

  • Start mowing from one end of the lawn, working in straight lines.
  • Maintain a steady walking pace, allowing the mower to cut the grass evenly.
  • For corded mowers, be mindful of the cord’s position and avoid running over it.

Step 6: Turning and Maneuvering:

  • To turn the mower, release the mower handle and pivot it gently in the desired direction.
  • Use caution when maneuvering around obstacles, trees, or flower beds.

Step 7: Completing the Mowing Process

  • Continue mowing until you’ve covered the entire lawn.
  • If using a grass bag, empty it when it becomes full to maintain optimal performance.

Safety While Using Electric Lawn Mowers

Safety should always be a top priority whenever you will be using a power tool, let alone a lawn mower. Here is some operating a lawn mower. Here are some essential safety tips:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

  • Wear safety glasses, long pants, closed-toe shoes, and ear protection if necessary. These are the most important precautions before any DIY task. most of the ‘how to use electric lawn mower’ guides omit this all-important part of adopting the safety measures before taking on the job.
  • Protect yourself from flying debris and excessive noise.

Before Mowing:

  • Inspect the mower for loose or damaged parts.
  • Ensure the grass is dry to avoid slips or accidents.
  • Keep bystanders, especially children and pets, at a safe distance

During Mowing

  • Be aware of your surroundings and avoid mowing on uneven or slippery terrain.
  • Use caution when mowing slopes and hills, ensuring you have proper stability.
  • Never remove safety features or guards from the mower.

After Mowing:

  • Turn off the mower and disconnect it from the power source before performing maintenance or cleaning.
  • Allow the mower to cool down before handling or storing it.

Maintenance – Electric Lawn Mower

Proper maintenance ensures the longevity and efficiency of your electric lawn mower. Here are some maintenance tips:


  • After each use, clean the mower to remove grass clippings and debris.
  • Use a brush or compressed air to clear any clogged vents or passages.

Blade Care:

  1. Regularly inspect the cutting blade for damage or dullness.
  2. Sharpen the blade or replace it as necessary, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Air Filter:

  • Check and clean the air filter regularly to maintain proper airflow.
  • Replace the filter if it’s excessively dirty or damaged.


  • Lubricate the moving parts, such as wheel bearings and pivot points, as recommended by the manufacturer.


  • Store the mower in a dry place to prevent rust or damage.
  • Remove the battery (if applicable) for long-term storage and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.


Congratulations! Now you’ve learnt the art of using a cordless electric lawn mower, it’s time to put your learning into practice. Stop seeing your wild grass desperately, it’s time to act! It’s time to pull yourself up, take your lawn mower out, and start doing what you have been longing for. Remember! Going through the guide doesn’t warrant the authority of the use. It’s practice, practice, and only practice that will inculcate in you the confidence to take control of your lawn care.

When should I use my lawn mower?

Use your electric lawn mower when the grass reaches a height that requires cutting, usually around 3 to 4 inches. If you are new to lawn mower, remember to read the ‘how to use electric lawn mower’ before starting of the work.

What is the easiest way to cut grass?

The easiest way to cut grass with an electric lawn mower is to mow in straight lines, overlapping slightly with each pass for even coverage.

Which one is better, gas or electric lawn mower?

An electric lawn mower is better for the environment, quieter, requires less maintenance, and is easier to start compared to a gas-powered mower.

Why is my electric lawn mower not cutting grass?

There could be several reasons why your electric lawn mower is not cutting grass. Check if the blade is sharp and properly attached, and ensure the cutting height is adjusted correctly.

How long does a lawn mower battery last?

The battery life of an electric lawn mower depends on its capacity and usage. On average, a fully charged battery can last around 30 to 60 minutes of mowing time.

How do you calculate mower hours?

To calculate mower hours, multiply the number of hours you’ve used the mower by the average speed at which you mow. For example, if you’ve used the mower for 10 hours and mow at an average speed of 2 mph, the mower hours would be 20 (10 hours x 2 m

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